BTR Single Coil Set



Angry, Warm, and ready for the most extreme Metal application.

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The BTR, is a pickup set we designed in conjunction with YouTuber ArnoldPlaysGuitar. He wanted to capture a particular Strat sound that was eluding him. A sound he had fallen in love with from many awesome European metal records conveying- fat, raw, aggressive tone with a bit of beef, but still with that Strat clank that we all love. The BTR is a Strat sound that is not nice and isn’t meant to be nice. In high-gain applications, the bridge pickup has a roughness to it that oozes classic metal mojo when palm-muting and power-chording while still offering a bit of chime to full strummed open chords. The neck pickup is total high output Strat neck tone perfected, with a strong, airy articulation that is only tempered by it’s low-mid warmth, perfect for those fluid sweeps and speed-picked shred runs. The reverse-wound middle pickup offers the best of both worlds, with a bit of fullness in position 4, and a bit more brightness in position 2 to allow you to kick back the volume knob a bit and dish out some tasty blues or fusion should the need arise. Make no mistake though…the BTR is meant as a means of unleashing the fury. So kick up the gain and let it rip!



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