Ruthlessly Diverse. Monstrously Articulate.

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Direct Mount *

Default: direct mount

Bobbins – Set *

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Standard Covers (Six String Only)

Custom Covers (Six String Only)

Soap-bar Covers (Active route Only)

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(Default: Chrome)


Maximum of 22 degrees. Need more? Email us! (Note: Active/Soapbar covers are not available in mutli-scale configuration.)

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This set expresses a mastery over progressive genres spanning the entire spectrum. Whether it’s light and ambient effects driven soundscapes or chord motivated leads or colossal and speed oriented subgenres of metal; this set will follow you there. But let us not minimize the talents Foxbat brings into the dynamics of playing guitar. Even slammed with a compressor, the subtle changes brought through manipulating a volume or tone knob should not be overlooked.The articulation found in this bridge serves extraordinarily well when it comes time for that extended run of sweeping or legato shredding. Time to hit that complex palm-muted section? Let the staccato nature of the bridge shine with its precision and quick attack that clings to each note. Now go move on to a huge chorus section with chords bursting at the seams. Hear every nuance of every note in each chord on every string.

Ceramic in the neck will keep that lead work tight, but add a thick character that just isn’t possible to get from anything in a bridge position, matching the bridge for its love and aptitude of separating chord notes in any voicing. It is the noteworthy addition of layers and layers of articulation that will keep any player coming back for more.

The Foxbat bridge has the option of a ceramic magnet for those that simply want more cut in their tone, or those that tune their instruments down notably low.

Additional Information & Recommendations

Bridge Output

DC: 13.2k Ohms

Neck Output

DC: 9.0k Ohms


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