Red Stone



Clear, Defined, and Adaptable

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Direct Mount *

Default: direct mount

Bobbins – Set *

(Default: Black)

Standard Covers (Six String Only)

Custom Covers (Six String Only)

Soap-bar Covers (Active route Only)

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Slug/Screw Color *

(Default: Chrome)


Maximum of 22 degrees. Need more? Email us! (Note: Active/Soapbar covers are not available in mutli-scale configuration.)

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For complete transparency from instrument to speaker, inclusive of all extended range instruments and tunings, look no further. Imbibing the qualities of the instrument played and passing it to the next section of the chain precisely how it was retrieved is exactly what this set was designed to do. Yes, even in a detuned 8 string guitar and through a flurry of intricate harmonic passages spanning the entire neck. Flat and even response translates to more usability and fine tuning out of the EQ section of a tube amp and the minor tweaks and major block changes of a digital rig. Red Stones capture harmonic overtones and ghost notes and seamlessly adhere them to a player’s signal for complex harmonic packages. Truly bringing about a unique tone for any player to delve into.Whether playing through a split coil or the whole bucker in the bridge, every note speaks up. This is fantastic news for players bringing large and complicated chord work to their playing. Clarity and articulation in chords, as well as control over heavily distorted aggressive tones, are the staple attribute of this set. For this reason, Red Stones are equally at home in a jazz player’s hands or in technical metal applications.

When players seek out a neck with “glassy” qualities or exceptional adaptability to clean playing, this is generally where they end up. And with good reason.

Looking for clarity in a bridge pickup, but also want something a little spicy? This is where our alnico 8 alternative kicks in. The magnet change alone adds a touch of grit, a whole serving of percussive response, and an eager dose of saturation to the Red Stone bridge position.

Additional Information & Recommendations

Bridge Output

DC: 9.5k Ohms

Neck Output

DC: 8.1k Ohms


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