With savagery that’s on a new level, the Veteran set takes no prisoners.

Configuration *

Direct Mount *

Default: direct mount

Bobbins – Set *

(Default: Black)

Standard Covers (Six String Only)

Custom Covers (Six String Only)

Soap-bar Covers (Active route Only)

Covers – Set *

Slug/Screw Color *

(Default: Chrome)


Maximum of 22 degrees. Need more? Email us! (Note: Active/Soapbar covers are not available in mutli-scale configuration.)

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With savagery that’s on a level you’ve never experienced, the Veteran set takes no prisoners.

The bridge is designed to be articulate but menacing to allow for the finessing of each note to be heard while having enough body and fortitude to chug away through robust chords. This pickup is tight (but not dry). The initial attack is pronounced but the saturation and bloom afterward allow the tone to mature into something more rich sounding. This complexity makes the Veteran an elite weapon.

The neck is equally as fierce with a sharp and stinging attack but smooth fluidity behind it to allow for very dynamic phrasing. Everything responds quite well to playing dynamics which is impressive for a higher output set such as this.

The clean tones on both the bridge and neck are crisp and clear thanks to a voicing that isn’t “boomy” but is very balanced across the strings.

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Additional Information & Recommendations

Bridge Output

DC: 16.4k Ohms

Neck Output

DC: 12.8kOhms


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