Modest Output, Boastful Character


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Maximum of 22 degrees. Need more? Email us! (Note: Active/Soapbar covers are not available in mutli-scale configuration.)

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Warm and driving saturation come right off the tongue of the Voyager set. These two qualities come together to bring an exceptional bridge pickup to rock and experimental genres. Always articulate, speaking different tongues comes fluent. This bridge loves to roll with the punches of any personal whim or muse that strikes mid-session. The alnico 5 magnet lends more to the treble side of the spectrum, yet it does not become overbearing in instruments with bright wood configurations. The bridge has a tamed, mild low end with a rich and saturated middle.Creamy is the first word that comes to mind when speaking on the neck pickup. The low output nature of the wind, and inviting characteristics of the alnico 2 magnet bring the vibe of this pickup to a place that feels like home. Clean tones retain an organic feel and gain a full body sound. Click on that chorus pedal we all love to stick in the corner to collect dust, and now listen to that shimmery creamy pop this humbucker quickly attains.

Both the bridge and the neck have the option to sub the alnico magnets in favor of ceramic. Select the latter and watch this set turn into a shred machine. The bridge sheds a lot (definitely not all!) of the saturation effect and brings the sound straight forward to a present and articulate tone waiting for those shreddy fingers to get to work.

Ceramic in the neck brings the tonal focus of the Voyager to a place of more presence, much like the bridge; but still subdued and ready to be taken where the muse is. The ceramic option is also beneficial to those that appreciate a tone with modest saturation and tune their instruments low.

Additional Information & Recommendations

Bridge Output

DC: 11.2k Ohms

Neck Output

DC: 7.8k Ohms


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