The Sonic Fist of Zeus Himself, Unraveling Punishing Mayhem

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Direct Mount *

Default: direct mount

Bobbins – Set *

(Default: Black)

Standard Covers (Six String Only)

Custom Covers (Six String Only)

Soap-bar Covers (Active route Only)

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(Default: Chrome)


Maximum of 22 degrees. Need more? Email us! (Note: Active/Soapbar covers are not available in mutli-scale configuration.)

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Designed for all forms of modern metal, the bridge eats through palm-mutes and articulately pushes leadwork. Though it is warm and smooth, there is a character burdened with fortitude waiting to be discovered. Whether it is a thick rock tone or simply a crushing metal sound required, the hunt ends here for massive room-filling character and devastating attack. The Atlas neck has a sweet, warm, creamy quality that is a delight for leads and clean passages alike. It balances the crushing tone of the bridge like a siren waiting to lull you into bliss.

Their ceramic bridge and neck option lie in wait for those that wish to take the Atlas set to a more extreme metal application and do not desire the warmth the alnico magnets offer, as well as serving faithfully in extended-range applications.

Additional Information & Recommendations

Bridge Output

DC: 16.4k Ohms

Neck Output

DC: 12.8k Ohms


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