Ferox / Teres Black Chrome Seven String Set



Get your hands on our limited edition Black Chrome covered standard series Ferox / Teres set!!!

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This is a pre-order, lead time is 4-6 weeks from December 31st. All standard series models, unless otherwise noted, are manufactured in South Korea by a small dedicated team. Inspected and fully QC’d by our USA team prior to shipping to your door.

Designed to meet the needs of one of metals most aggressive players, Guitarmory Pickups is proud to announce the Patrick Sheridan Signature Set in a limited edition Black Chrome cover.

“The Ferox Bridge pickup has all the grunt and bark that you want/need for metal, without jeopardizing articulation which is necessary for not only metal players but any player. What we’ve achieved, is a bridge made for players that demand tone, but also need that aggressive edge a lot of bridge pickups lack when searching for the clarity.

The Teres has the perfect amount of creamy texture that is needed in a neck pup but also has some of the character of the bridge pickup due to the ceramic magnet. It’s smooth but still has a nice bite in the high register.. it sings. The middle position on the blade (bridge and neck in series) is great for that proper amount of smooth & bite, and just might be the perfect spot for tracking leads.”

-Patrick Sheridan, Fit for an Autopsy

Direct Mount
Square Mounting Tabs
Black Chrome Covers
Black Poles

Bridge: 17.5k Alnico 5 with dual Ceramic magnets

Neck: 12.5k Alnico 5 and a single Ceramic magnet


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